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Bale Houses

There are many reasons to want to build a straw bale home. Bale houses are beautiful, super-efficient, soundproof, fire resistant, healthy and natural.  So, if you are going to get moving on your bale house project then you really want to learn from the experts and minimize your time and effort.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Learn as much as you can about bale houses and how to build them before you make a start. It is important to understand the entire building process. You can access the DVD set here: learn what you need to do for bale houses
  2. Look at the different designs of bale houses. You can see some fantastic examples of bale houses and plans via this link
  3. Are you looking to build or have a straw bale home built for you?
  4. Work out your time frame for building including time to purchase land
  5. Be sure to plan ahead so you have all the materials you need on hand given your design
  6. Bales come in different shapes and sizes and you don’t want to buy your straw bales from just anywhere. The straw should be free of signs of mold and completely dry. Your bales should be very firm so you don’t have to straighten the walls later and you’ll need to have the dimensions correct for the build
  7. It is always good to consult with professionals and I suggest you learn from the best – check them out here.
  8. Check with your local building authorities to ensure you meet any requirements they may have for inspection and approval
  9. Inform your bale supplier of their use for your project and follow the recommended procedure for checking your bales before you get a truck load delivered
  10. It doesn’t hurt to know a good tradie or contractor or two that you can call on.

Building bale houses does not mean you need to be limited to a set design but it is important to know what you are doing.

I would love to hear about your experience with bale houses so leave a comment below or contact me here so I can reply and get you to attach a photo of your fabulous straw bale home. I’m happy to receive photos of the stages during construction so that I can share them with others who are interested in bale houses. Oh and once you have made your beautiful straw bale home, be sure to get the kids into making stepping stones to enhance the garden.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.