Soil For Raised Garden Beds

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Soil For Raised Garden Beds - Grow Your Own FoodFirst up, if you want to get started then you will need to get the right equipment so you can start planting straight away. Having the right soil for raised garden beds is an important part of the set up. If you think you already know what you want and just want to get to it then you can click here to find a good price on organic soil.

Using Your Soil For Raised Garden Beds

It is a good idea to make sure that your raised garden bed is in a sunny position facing north before you add your soil. The location is an important first step.

After I set up the structure of my raised garden bed, I put down a layer of newspaper and watered it, a good, thick layer of compost, a good, thick layer of top soil and a layer of pea straw. I repeated that process again and then just omitted the newspaper and pea straw and kept layering the compost and top soil until it was near the top of my raised garden bed. Pea straw is an excellent mulch and you should finish with this on top after you have planted in your raised garden beds.Soil For Raised Garden Beds - Image credit to Winnond

Make sure that when layering your soil for raised garden beds that you break up any clumps and don’t press it down. Seedlings like a well aired, crumbled soil for growth and drainage and you may find, as I did, that the soil does compact a little after settling so don’t be afraid to fill your raised garden bed near to the top with the soil for raised garden beds.

I love planting in my raised garden beds and if you don’t have a raised garden bed yet then you can read my article on the Suncast Garden Bed. You can also take a free peek inside this handy, inexpensive guide as it will assist you with making your raised vegetable beds a success.

Types Of Soil For Raised Garden Beds

Soil For Raised Garden Beds - Organic SoilI understand your time is valuable and that you don’t want to start a raised garden bed only to have your hard work go to waste with little to no produce at the end. Raised garden beds are a fantastic way to grow your own food and you will need some good quality top soil for raised garden beds. I always love working with organic products and I am a big believer that organically produced food does taste better.

Rather than guess what to use as soil for raised garden beds, I recommend you get hold of this program. It has a 60 day money back guarantee so there is no risk; only fruits from the vine (or so to speak).

It is great fun to get out in the garden and it is even more satisfying when you have all the things you need so you can follow the process from start to finish. Then, all you need to do is talk to your gorgeous little babies (nicely of course; not when you need to off-load as there are professionals to help you with that), water them if the skies are too blue, check on them to make sure they haven’t adopted any friends that are pests and watch them blossom!

With the resources I have provided here you should be able to set up ready to add soil for raised garden beds.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.



  1. Love the organic process

    • Hi Harry,

      I am sure if you played some of your wonderful piano that the plants would grow better too!


  2. I need to move my garden beds I guess it is time now to start my New Raised Garden Beds.
    Thank you for the reminder

    • Hi Rita,

      Hope you were able to get it done! I just put some bird netting over my side garden and it has given my veggies a chance to grow.


  3. Nice post about Types Of Soil For Raised Garden Beds. Will share this informative article with friends.

    • Hi Wilson,

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope to build this blog into a one stop shop on all things green.


  4. I love the idea of growing my own veggies. I do grow my own herbs and without a lot of effort get good results. Thanks for your tips on raised garden beds – definitely on my list of things to do!

    • Hi Jan,

      My herbs do well too given that they don’t get a lot of attention. My parsley went to seed and I replanted the seeds and I have parsley everywhere now. Great added to felafel recipes. That’s a recipe you should cover as it would qualify for your dinner in ten minutes. 🙂 Yes, I am clearing my raised garden bed at the moment so I encourage you to plant. I love growing my own food.


  5. I so love the idea of a raised garden bed as it saves so much time – no need to dig into the ground to start growing fresh fruit and veggies, and you also know that you are starting with good quality soil!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, you are so right about knowing the soil you are starting with. Thanks for sharing that. You don’t need a lot of space for a raised garden bed and if you are renting your property then you can have one without tampering with the owner’s established garden.

      Regards, Eileen.

  6. Raised garden beds save so much time. They look like a pain but they really pay off in the end!

    • Hi to another fellow garden ideas blogger! I agree, they might look like a pain but they are really very easy to set up and I just love being able to pick living foods straight from my garden. At the moment, we are growing, beetroots, kale, carrots, spinach, spearmint, tomatoes, potatoes raspberries, blueberries, zucchini, cucumber and herbs. We pick our own greens for our smoothies in the morning and I love caring for our mother earth. Just wonderful!

      Take care and thanks for visiting!