BPA Free Water Bottles

I know how frustraPlastic Bottles - Image credit to kangshuttersting it can be to find a good environmentally friendly water bottle that suits your needs. You want BPA free water bottles that:

  • have a drinking spout that doesn’t leak,
  • are easy to clean,
  • are the right size or have sizes to choose from,
  • suit your lifestyle for exercise, travel or just out and about,
  • and suit your style or fashion.

I’ve tried a few for myself and my children. So, I’ve picked the best environmentally friendly watBPA Free Water Bottles - Get yours hereer bottles that are also BPA free water bottles, to save you time and replacement costs. So now, it just comes down to your individual style as to which one of the BPA free water bottles you choose based on the brand I have chosen.

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What does BPA Stands For and what is it?

Straight up, BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is an organic compound that is not very soluble in water but is considered useful due to its ability of being soluble in organic solvents and is therefore used in commercial applications. It is commonly used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins and thus, one of the products that has traditionally had BPA is water bottles.

According to Wikipedia, BPA has been used commercially since 1957 and given that BPA is not good for your health; that is a long time in the market.

Why is BPA Bad for your health?

It is disturbing to think that something like BPA can be used without (or perhaps with) knowledge of the damage it may cause to our Healthy sportsman image credit to stockimageshealth. I’m so glad that you are looking for the best environmentally friendly water bottles that are also BPA free water bottles.

Back in 2008, certain governments started to question the use of BPA in products due to the fact that is exhibits hormone-like properties. Canada was the first to declare Bisphenol A (BPA) a toxic substance in 2010 and the FDA has published information on their view. My opinion is, if there has been any, and I mean ANY doubt along the way, then do not use products that have BPA.


BPA may have a negative impact on your weight (obesity), brain, behavior, and prostate gland in unborn children all the way through to young children. There are other sitings as to what detrimental impact that BPA has on one’s health and it is of major concern that BPA has been used in baby feeding bottles.

It is bad enough that more and more people are suffering from food intolerance symptoms and allergies due to western style living, but to add further toxic substances such as BPA is not helping our health.

Your choice may be about the environment when it comes to getting BPA free water bottles but it is also about your health. Aside from the fact that you are re-using a product and thereby reducing land fill, recycling costs and waste, BPA Free water bottles are also a must for your health. Oh and water tastes better when you don’t drink it from something plastic, don’t you think?

BPA Free Water Bottles

PBA Free Water Bottles - click to select yours now

BPA free water bottles come in a selection of colors, sizes and styles to suit. You can select one for when you exercise and there is even one for your pet, one for the car, one for each of your kids, one for travel and one for home. I find it is handy to have more than one BPA free water bottle in case one needs a clean or if the kids leave one at school.

I also encourage you to get a water bottle brush for ease of cleaning when you are purchasing your BPA free water bottles. I’d love to hear which one you have selected based on my recommendation and what you like best about it.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.



  1. We are big water drinkers in our family! And trying to find a drink bottle that is safe is not easy – We love it when we find one that stats BPA free 🙂

    • Hi Lisa,
      We are the same. We don’t drink anything but water or the occasional home made juice. My kids know that water is important and not fizzy drinks. I’m waiting for my water purifier to arrive…and to start drinking water the way nature intended rather than what the government thinks we should drink it. Even though Australia is considered to have good water, it is still polluted with additives that are poisoning us.

      Thanks for leaving a comment. 🙂