Bale Houses

There are many reasons to want to build a straw bale home. Bale houses are beautiful, super-efficient, soundproof, fire resistant, healthy and natural.  So, if you are going to get moving on your bale house project then you really want to learn from the experts and minimize your time and effort.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Learn as much as you can about bale houses and how to build them before you make a start. It is important to understand the entire building process. You can access the DVD set here: learn what you need to do for bale houses
  2. Look at the different designs of bale houses. You can see some fantastic examples of bale houses and plans via this link
  3. Are you looking to build or have a straw bale home built for you?
  4. Work out your time frame for building including time to purchase land
  5. Be sure to plan ahead so you have all the materials you need on hand given your design
  6. Bales come in different shapes and sizes and you don’t want to buy your straw bales from just anywhere. The straw should be free of signs of mold and completely dry. Your bales should be very firm so you don’t have to straighten the walls later and you’ll need to have the dimensions correct for the build
  7. It is always good to consult with professionals and I suggest you learn from the best – check them out here.
  8. Check with your local building authorities to ensure you meet any requirements they may have for inspection and approval
  9. Inform your bale supplier of their use for your project and follow the recommended procedure for checking your bales before you get a truck load delivered
  10. It doesn’t hurt to know a good tradie or contractor or two that you can call on.

Building bale houses does not mean you need to be limited to a set design but it is important to know what you are doing.

I would love to hear about your experience with bale houses so leave a comment below or contact me here so I can reply and get you to attach a photo of your fabulous straw bale home. I’m happy to receive photos of the stages during construction so that I can share them with others who are interested in bale houses. Oh and once you have made your beautiful straw bale home, be sure to get the kids into making stepping stones to enhance the garden.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.


Make Stepping Stones For The Garden

Anything that you put your hand to always feels more rewarding so I can understand why you would want to make stepping stones for the garden, yourself.


There is a great feeling of reconnecting with the earth when you make your own garden ornaments and you can choose from a variety of stepping stone kits which I share with you below.

For some ideas and to get started straight away, take a look at these kits to make stepping stones.

You’ll want to consider the style of garden you currently have or are creating when you select your kit as some stepping stones will look better than others based on style and garden design.

You will also want to consider whether you will be making a straight path or random steps and the location of the stepping stones. Making stepping stones for the garden yourself can be made especially easy when you buy your kit online.

Stepping stones can add interest to a garden as well as functionality.  I have to say I’m a big fan of the idea.

Stepping Stone Designs

Have a browse through the pictures I’ve provided to get some idea of the type of kit you want, to make stepping stones. I’ve searched and provided information on four stepping stone designs to help you with your search.

I love the mosaic look and you’ll find that it matches most garden designs. The great thing when you make stepping stones out of mosaics is that you can create a design that is individual and alter it to suit your garden. These are also great as garden wall plaques or bird baths and I’ll be sharing bird bath designs in another article in the near future.

mosaic steppng stone kit

You can make 1 x 12 inch stepping stone with this kit. It contains:

  • 1 wooden mixing and writing tool
  • a 7-pound bag of dry cement,
  • plenty of stained-glass mosaic pieces (1-pound real stained glass)
  • a reusable 12-inch vinyl mold,
  • design ideas
  • and thorough instructions for completing your project.

Just be aware that this product contains silica sand known to the state of California to cause cancer so you need to be careful in the handling and using of silica. This is especially so if you have children around who may not be aware of the dangers.

Stepping Stone Kit Keepsake

This next design can be done on your own but if you have kids then they will love getting involved and I am a big believer in getting the kids outdoors whenever possible.

This is also great as a personalized gift for a family member or friend.

You can make a 1 x 12 inch round stepping stone (approx) with this kit. It contains:

  1. A round plastic reusable mold
  2. 7 pound bag of stepping stone mix
  3. Wooden mixing and writing tools
  4. Easy to follow instructions

As many people have done when they purchase this kit to make garden stepping stones, you can purchase the stamps to change the design for the face of the stone.


For something a little bit different than the above two stepping stone kits I have shared above, have a look at what this next kit does. You can also see some other pictures here to see stepping stone designs. The picture here shows the random mold but you also have another to choose from which you can see if you click on the link provided above. This product has great reviews and is great for curved paths. The kit contains:

  • A reusable mold – random or Belguim pattern depending on the one you choose to buy
  • Three tools; ODJOB mixer, Pathmate mold and a trowel

You also have the option of taking your time with this one if weather is a problem as you don’t need to make them all at once.

Make Stepping Stones - circle of light

For something a little different again, you might want to look at this solar stepping stone kit. This is easier to make than you think and will add some attraction to your garden day and night. It includes:

  • a solar powered module that turns on automatically when it’s dark outside
  • 3.5-pounds of Portland cement stepping stone mix
  • a 8- inch reusable plastic step stone mold
  • 7-ounces of assorted glow-in-the-dark glass chunks & glitter glass,
  • 1 x wooden mixing paddle,
  • 1 x craft stick for writing,
  • and complete instructions

The great news about this product is that it is solar powered so you don’t need to worry about batteries or plugging it in to a power source.

For more design ideas to make stepping stones, you can visit this page. I would love to hear which kit you have chosen to make stepping stones so feel free to leave a comment below.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.


Louisville Attic Ladder

There may be a time when you say to your partner, “honey, I need some space.”  To go with that space you may require a ladder and the Louisville Attic Ladder will help you escape into that space if needed. Now, I’m not sure what you are thinking about but I’m thinking about storage space. One would hope that the Louisville attic ladder was used to take you up to some storage space in your roof, not to escape your partner, kids, pets, door to door sales people or neighbors. Then again, it may depend on what you want to convert your attic space into. Some attics are converted into studies or extra rooms, depending on the house and that space of course.

The attic, above the garage or in the roof is certainly a great place to use as storage space as most times, these areas are not used at all because it is not generally somewhere you think of for storage or creating extra living areas.

Wouldn’t it be great to de-clutter and go from this bedroom pictured on the right and transform Clutter Image credit to Bill Longshawa room in your home and get an result like the picture on the left? That’s much better Feng-shui yes? And possibly not that hard. Using an attic ladder will provide you with the opportunity to change the spaces in your home and also make it easier for you to use your attic for a better purpose.                Bedroom transformation image credit to Michelle Meiklejohn

Maybe you need to climb up the man hole and have a look around or maybe you need to create a new hole in your roof where you can add the Louisville attic ladder. Or just maybe you already have somewhere in mind.

Feature considerations for the Louisville attic ladder

There are a number of sizes and styles for the Louisville attic ladder and you can check them out here if you are still unsure about which Louisville attic ladder is right for your space. You will need to consider such things as:

  • Do you want wood or aluminum?
  • what is the load capacity required?Louisville attic ladder dimensions
  • What dimensions do you require from the ceiling to the floor for ease of access?
  • What is the size of the opening into your attic or loft space?
  • What other safety reinforcement do you require?
  • Where should you position the attic ladder given internal walls and doors?

The Louisville attic ladder is certainly a popular brand due to the fact that it meets or exceeds requirements of American National Standards Institute, strength, easy access systems and product quality.

You will even find a handy  instructional video here to watch to make it easier for you once you have made your purchase of the Louisville attic ladder. Or, it may assist you to feel confident in your purchase by watching it now.

My other blog followers would benefit from you leaving a comment below about what you converted your attic into using the Louisville attic ladder, or how it changed your house to make your lifestyle a little greener.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.


BPA Free Water Bottles

I know how frustraPlastic Bottles - Image credit to kangshuttersting it can be to find a good environmentally friendly water bottle that suits your needs. You want BPA free water bottles that:

  • have a drinking spout that doesn’t leak,
  • are easy to clean,
  • are the right size or have sizes to choose from,
  • suit your lifestyle for exercise, travel or just out and about,
  • and suit your style or fashion.

I’ve tried a few for myself and my children. So, I’ve picked the best environmentally friendly watBPA Free Water Bottles - Get yours hereer bottles that are also BPA free water bottles, to save you time and replacement costs. So now, it just comes down to your individual style as to which one of the BPA free water bottles you choose based on the brand I have chosen.

HURRY – these sell out fast: So, click here for the best BPA Free Water Bottles.

What does BPA Stands For and what is it?

Straight up, BPA stands for Bisphenol A. It is an organic compound that is not very soluble in water but is considered useful due to its ability of being soluble in organic solvents and is therefore used in commercial applications. It is commonly used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins and thus, one of the products that has traditionally had BPA is water bottles.

According to Wikipedia, BPA has been used commercially since 1957 and given that BPA is not good for your health; that is a long time in the market.

Why is BPA Bad for your health?

It is disturbing to think that something like BPA can be used without (or perhaps with) knowledge of the damage it may cause to our Healthy sportsman image credit to stockimageshealth. I’m so glad that you are looking for the best environmentally friendly water bottles that are also BPA free water bottles.

Back in 2008, certain governments started to question the use of BPA in products due to the fact that is exhibits hormone-like properties. Canada was the first to declare Bisphenol A (BPA) a toxic substance in 2010 and the FDA has published information on their view. My opinion is, if there has been any, and I mean ANY doubt along the way, then do not use products that have BPA.


BPA may have a negative impact on your weight (obesity), brain, behavior, and prostate gland in unborn children all the way through to young children. There are other sitings as to what detrimental impact that BPA has on one’s health and it is of major concern that BPA has been used in baby feeding bottles.

It is bad enough that more and more people are suffering from food intolerance symptoms and allergies due to western style living, but to add further toxic substances such as BPA is not helping our health.

Your choice may be about the environment when it comes to getting BPA free water bottles but it is also about your health. Aside from the fact that you are re-using a product and thereby reducing land fill, recycling costs and waste, BPA Free water bottles are also a must for your health. Oh and water tastes better when you don’t drink it from something plastic, don’t you think?

BPA Free Water Bottles

PBA Free Water Bottles - click to select yours now

BPA free water bottles come in a selection of colors, sizes and styles to suit. You can select one for when you exercise and there is even one for your pet, one for the car, one for each of your kids, one for travel and one for home. I find it is handy to have more than one BPA free water bottle in case one needs a clean or if the kids leave one at school.

I also encourage you to get a water bottle brush for ease of cleaning when you are purchasing your BPA free water bottles. I’d love to hear which one you have selected based on my recommendation and what you like best about it.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.


Soil For Raised Garden Beds

 WAIT!…….Before Adding Soil For Raised Garden Beds……


Soil For Raised Garden Beds - Grow Your Own FoodFirst up, if you want to get started then you will need to get the right equipment so you can start planting straight away. Having the right soil for raised garden beds is an important part of the set up. If you think you already know what you want and just want to get to it then you can click here to find a good price on organic soil.

Using Your Soil For Raised Garden Beds

It is a good idea to make sure that your raised garden bed is in a sunny position facing north before you add your soil. The location is an important first step.

After I set up the structure of my raised garden bed, I put down a layer of newspaper and watered it, a good, thick layer of compost, a good, thick layer of top soil and a layer of pea straw. I repeated that process again and then just omitted the newspaper and pea straw and kept layering the compost and top soil until it was near the top of my raised garden bed. Pea straw is an excellent mulch and you should finish with this on top after you have planted in your raised garden beds.Soil For Raised Garden Beds - Image credit to Winnond

Make sure that when layering your soil for raised garden beds that you break up any clumps and don’t press it down. Seedlings like a well aired, crumbled soil for growth and drainage and you may find, as I did, that the soil does compact a little after settling so don’t be afraid to fill your raised garden bed near to the top with the soil for raised garden beds.

I love planting in my raised garden beds and if you don’t have a raised garden bed yet then you can read my article on the Suncast Garden Bed. You can also take a free peek inside this handy, inexpensive guide as it will assist you with making your raised vegetable beds a success.

Types Of Soil For Raised Garden Beds

Soil For Raised Garden Beds - Organic SoilI understand your time is valuable and that you don’t want to start a raised garden bed only to have your hard work go to waste with little to no produce at the end. Raised garden beds are a fantastic way to grow your own food and you will need some good quality top soil for raised garden beds. I always love working with organic products and I am a big believer that organically produced food does taste better.

Rather than guess what to use as soil for raised garden beds, I recommend you get hold of this program. It has a 60 day money back guarantee so there is no risk; only fruits from the vine (or so to speak).

It is great fun to get out in the garden and it is even more satisfying when you have all the things you need so you can follow the process from start to finish. Then, all you need to do is talk to your gorgeous little babies (nicely of course; not when you need to off-load as there are professionals to help you with that), water them if the skies are too blue, check on them to make sure they haven’t adopted any friends that are pests and watch them blossom!

With the resources I have provided here you should be able to set up ready to add soil for raised garden beds.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.