Louisville Attic Ladder

There may be a time when you say to your partner, “honey, I need some space.”  To go with that space you may require a ladder and the Louisville Attic Ladder will help you escape into that space if needed. Now, I’m not sure what you are thinking about but I’m thinking about storage space. One would hope that the Louisville attic ladder was used to take you up to some storage space in your roof, not to escape your partner, kids, pets, door to door sales people or neighbors. Then again, it may depend on what you want to convert your attic space into. Some attics are converted into studies or extra rooms, depending on the house and that space of course.

The attic, above the garage or in the roof is certainly a great place to use as storage space as most times, these areas are not used at all because it is not generally somewhere you think of for storage or creating extra living areas.

Wouldn’t it be great to de-clutter and go from this bedroom pictured on the right and transform Clutter Image credit to Bill Longshawa room in your home and get an result like the picture on the left? That’s much better Feng-shui yes? And possibly not that hard. Using an attic ladder will provide you with the opportunity to change the spaces in your home and also make it easier for you to use your attic for a better purpose.                Bedroom transformation image credit to Michelle Meiklejohn

Maybe you need to climb up the man hole and have a look around or maybe you need to create a new hole in your roof where you can add the Louisville attic ladder. Or just maybe you already have somewhere in mind.

Feature considerations for the Louisville attic ladder

There are a number of sizes and styles for the Louisville attic ladder and you can check them out here if you are still unsure about which Louisville attic ladder is right for your space. You will need to consider such things as:

  • Do you want wood or aluminum?
  • what is the load capacity required?Louisville attic ladder dimensions
  • What dimensions do you require from the ceiling to the floor for ease of access?
  • What is the size of the opening into your attic or loft space?
  • What other safety reinforcement do you require?
  • Where should you position the attic ladder given internal walls and doors?

The Louisville attic ladder is certainly a popular brand due to the fact that it meets or exceeds requirements of American National Standards Institute, strength, easy access systems and product quality.

You will even find a handy  instructional video here to watch to make it easier for you once you have made your purchase of the Louisville attic ladder. Or, it may assist you to feel confident in your purchase by watching it now.

My other blog followers would benefit from you leaving a comment below about what you converted your attic into using the Louisville attic ladder, or how it changed your house to make your lifestyle a little greener.

So…love that feeling of getting it done. That’s your News On Green this time.



  1. If your home has a decent sized roof space an attic ladder is such a great idea.
    A friend of mine installed one a few years ago and her eldest son was allocated the new loft room for his bedroom. He absolutely loved it and was the envy of all his friends!

    • Hi Jan,

      That’s another great idea for using extra space in the home and a great reason to buy a Louisville Attic Ladder.

      Thanks for sharing, Eileen.

  2. There you go, Eileen. In one page you have solved storage problems for the masses. A wonderful use of all that wasted space.

    • Hi Harry,

      It is so easy to overlook the roof space. There are other things we can do with it too that I’ll be sharing in other articles I write. The Louisville attic ladder makes it easy to access the roof space.

      Thanks for your comment, Eileen.